St Pauls Church - Wairoa

Wairoa, while small in number now, has a feel of close family.  Theology tends to be Evangelical, with emphaisis on a personal relationship with God, Biblical teaching and preaching.

We no longer have manned office hours but there is an answering service on the Church office phone - 06 838 5053.
For urgent calls please contact Rev'd Richard and Mrs Joy Senior (Spiritual Leader) on 06 838 7286 or 027 366 1005.  
For adminstrative queries (or if the Seniors are unavailable), Vicky Manson (Vestry Chairperson and Bishop's Warden) can be contacted on 06 838 6614 or 027 280 2799.

Alternatively, you can email stpaulswairoa@xtra.co.nz

Music can be from very ancient to very modern and many points in between!!  Te Reo is used when combining with the Rohe on 5th Sundays and in the Family Services on the 4th Sunday

General Worship - 
1st and 3rd Sundays - 8.30am - Holy Communion
1st and 3rd Wednesdays - 1.30pm  - Holy Communion
2nd and 4th Sundays - 9.30am - Holy Communion combined with the Family Service on the 4th Sunday.
For more details see below.

November Services 2018
Sunday - 4th November - 8.30am - Holy Communion

Wednesday - 7th November - 1.20pm - Holy Communion

Sunday - 11th November - 10am - combined Service with St Andrews Prebyterian Church, at St Andrews. Guest preacher will be Rev'd David van Oeveren. Morning tea to follow.

Sunday - 18th November - 8.30am - Holy Communion

Wednesday - 21st November - 1.30pm - Holy Communion

Sunday - 25th November - 9.30am - Family Service followed by morning tea.

We work hard to make sure all we do at St Pauls brings glory to God.  Anglican Liturgy is always used.  Regular sharing with the Rohe - on 5th Sundays and St Andrews 3 monthly.